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Culture & tradition

Harvest Festival, traditional costumes, cattle drive

Culture and tradition in Salzburg

Tradition plays an important role in the province of Salzburg - passed on from generation to generation over many, many years. Guests are welcome to participate in these regional customs. You can, for example, experience the Almabtrieb, the ceremonial driving down of cattle from the mountain pastures into the valley in autumn, or enjoy a good time with us at a folk festival, village evening or harvest festival.  
You can see demonstrations of centuries-old crafts such as the production of wood shingles, taste delicious Salzburg delicacies and listen to the sounds of traditional Weißbach music. Experience culture, feel the warmth of the people and get to know more about the culture of the province of Salzburg - especially if you're planning to spend a holiday with us during the harvest season. Nature prepares for the snow and people celebrate their harvest - that is autumn holiday in the Saalachtal valley. In summer, you can enjoy a wide range of events for families in the surrounding villages.

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